Les Auzines

The Winery

In the late seventeenth century an ambitious young Portuguese gentleman named Enriques Valentine crossed the Pyrenees and rode to Bordeaux on the Via Aquitaina, and from there to London. Today his descendants have retraced his steps to lay down their roots at Les Auzines. Here, the proprietors of Maison Henri Valentine are focused on making the finest wine in Corbières, with a leading vigneron at their sided.

In the true spirit of the region, Les Auzines have paired history and geography position with the knowlegde and passion of a truly modern winemaker. Bruno Bernet, a protégé of Moulin a Vent in Beaujolais and long a practitioner at Chateau Loudenne in Bordeaux is now focused on perfecting the wines of Les Auzines. With maximum respect for its terrior, and with minimal intervention, Bruno aims to capture the distinct richness and quality of the Les Auzines grapes, to produce wines with body, elegance and depth of flavour. We hope you find his passion and spirit flowing from every one of out unique bottles of wine.